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1.  Risk Factors Associated with Mastitis Occurrence in Dairy Herds in Benisuef, Egypt

MA Elbably, HH Emeash, NM Asmaa

World Vet. J. 2013; 3 (1), 05-10

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2.  Evaluating the anti-leech effects of methanolic extracts of Peganum harmala L. and Olea europaea L. on Limnatis nilotica

M Bahmani, M Rafieian-Kopaei, Z Eftekhari, EK Banihabib, ...

World Vet. J. 2013; 3 (2), 33-37

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3.  Influence of Staphylococcus aureus mastitis on milk composition of different dairy breeds of cattle in Khartoum State, Sudan

IMB Hamid, ES Shuiep, IEM El Zubeir, AZ Saad, OAO El Owni

World Vet. J. 2012; 2 (2), 13-16

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4.  Heart girth reflect live body weight in Sudanese Shogur sheep under field conditions

AM Musa, NZ Idam, KM Elamin

World Vet. J. 2012; 2 (4), 54-56

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5.  Growth performance, proximate muscle composition and dress-out percentage of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), blue tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) and their interspecific hybrid ( O. aureus X O. niloticus) cultured in semi-intensive culture system

WN EI-Hawarry

World Vet. J. 2012; 2 (2), 17-22

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6.  The Lower Jawbone of Mehraban Sheep: A Descriptive Morphometric Approach

I Karimi, M Hadipour, P Nikbakht, S Motamedi

World Vet. J. 2012; 2 (4), 57-60

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7.  The hematological parameters in clinically healthy Iraqi awassi sheep

NM Badawi, HAH AL-Hadithy

World Vet. J. 2014; 4 (1), 01

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8.  In-situ degradability and in vitro gas production of selected multipurpose tree leaves and alfalfa as ruminant feeds

A Balgees, A Elmnan, AF Elseed, A Mahala, E Amasiab

World Vet. J. 2013; 3 (2), 46-50

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9.  Quality and microbial analysis of local salted-fermented paste product (Terkin)
Abu-Hassan, HMA Sulieman

World Vet. J. 2011; 1 (1), 10-13

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10. Effect of drying system on chemical and physical attributes of dried catfish meal (Clarias sp)

HM Sulieman, MA Sidahmed

World Vet. J. 2012; 2 (1), 01-04

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11. Comparative Toxicity of Two Different Pesticides on the Skin of Japanese quail (Cortunix japonica)

OA Olayemi

World Vet. J. 2015; 5 (1), 13-18

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12. Some Studies on the Effect of Copper (I) Nicotinate Complex on the Immune Response and Some Biochemical Parameters of Sea Bass Fish Vaccinated With Yersinia Ruckeri Bacterin

TT Saad, ZK El-Maddawy, MA Ali, AIE Fayza

Worlds Vet. J. 2013; 3 (4), 74-81

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13. Husbandry Practices and Hygiene in Dairy Farms in Khartoum State Sudan

MIA Ahmed, IEM El Zubeir

World Vet. J. 2013; 3 (3), 55-60

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14. Brief Anthropology and Antiparasitic Remedies in Kurdish Ethno (Veterinary) Medicine: A Neglected Treasure Trove

A Chalechale, I Karimi, S Zavareh, A Karimi

World Vet. J. 2013; 3 (1), 29-32

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15. A survey on caprine nematodiasis in Ladakh

JA Kuchai, MZ Chishti, AA Bhat, H Tak

World Vet. J. 2011; 1 (1), 1-4

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16. Antibiotic Classes and Antibiotic Susceptibility of Bacterial Isolates from Selected Poultry; A Mini Review

F Adzitey

World Vet. J. 2015; 5 (3), 36-41

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17. Clinicopathological Features in Japanese Quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica) Inoculated with Pasteurella multocida Serotypes A: 1, 3 and 4

D Yakubu, R Moshood, A Paul, O Sunday, OM Lola, O Oladeji

World Vet. J. 2013; 5 (2), 26-30

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18. Growth Performance of Rabbits on Tree Leaves Included Complete Extruder Feed

K Pasupathi, H Gopi, M Babu, P Muthusamy

World Vet. J. 2015; 5 (2), 19-22

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19. Turmeric and Exogenous Enzyme Supplementation Improve Growth Performance and Immune Status of Japanese quail

OE Kilany, MMA Mahmoud

World Vet. J. 2014; 4 (3), 20-29

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20.Tracking the Possible Source of Listeria monocytogenes Contamination Using Random Amplified Polymorphic Deoxyribonucleic Acid (RAPD)

F Adzitey

World Vet. J. 2013; 3 (1), 01-04

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21.Effect of Antimicrobial Properties of Pepper Fruits on Some Spoilage Organism of Sudanese Wet-Salted Fermented Fish (Fassiekh) Product

HMA Sulieman, AAA Allaahmed

World's Veterinary JournaL 2 (1), 05-10

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22.Some Productive and Reproductive Traits of Kenana× Friesian Cattle in Sudan

KM Elamin, RA Elebead, SA Mohammed, AM Musa

World Vet. J. 2012; 2 (4), 49-53

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23.Abundance, Mayas Preference and Distribution of Birds in Dinder National Park, Sudan

RA Yousif

World Vet. J. 2012; 2 (3), 27-32

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24.The Oxidative Damages Caused by Bacterial Growth in Foodstuffs

P Sadighara, A Barin

World Vet. J. 2012; 2 (1), 11-12

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